Please read these Terms and Conditions and all other relevant information carefully before booking

The contract for short term rental shall be made between the ‘Client’ and ‘The Beeches Farmhouse’ and the person making the booking on behalf of their group (referred to as the ‘Client’). All bookings are subject to the following conditions.

The person making the booking and signing the form must be over 21 years and have the requisite legal capacity and authority to enter into a contract at the time of booking and that all group members agree that the booking is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Any occupancy is for the purpose of a holiday or business rental only and does not create the relationship of landlord and tenant between the Client and The Beeches Farmhouse.

A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the booking value is required to provisionally book a cottage or room. To confirm the booking the balance must be paid no later than 8 weeks (56 days) before the commencement of the rental. This will be deducted from a credit/debit card if that has been provided. Non-payment of the balance by the due date shall be construed as a cancellation of the contract by the Client and the deposit will be retained as compensation and any other costs incurred in connection with the contract. The cottage(s) and/or ensuite room (s) will then be advertised as being available for hire.

For bookings made less than 8 weeks before the commencement of the rental, the total fee is required to confirm the reservation.

Should ensuite rooms be part of the booking then they will be treated as extra bedrooms for the cottage(s) and subject to the same payment terms.

Cheques are no longer accepted.

Rentals commence from 4 pm on the day of arrival and terminate by 11 am on the day of departure.

If the arrival is anticipated to be later than 7 pm then arrangements can be made for a self-check-in but do try and let us know in advance if possible or as soon as you know.

If the departure is delayed then additional charges of £20 per cottage per hour or part of an hour will be made and charged to any credit/debit card that was used to pay for the cottage(s)

Due to the insurance, the number of persons occupying the property must not exceed the number stipulated. The Beeches Farmhouse reserves the right to eject the Client from the cottage(s) with no refund if this condition is not observed.

If the Client expects day visitors then The Beeches Farmhouse should be informed in case of any emergencies. The visitors are the full responsibility of the Client.

The Client is entirely responsible for the safety of adults and children either staying in the cottage(s) or there by invitation.

Should the Client have any cause for complaint during the rental it must be notified to Nigel or Pauline Stanley and, in the case of serious problems, confirmed in writing. Please inform us of anything you are not satisfied with as soon as possible so we can try and rectify the problem. Claims for compensation cannot be considered after the stay has finished if there was no previous notification made to Nigel or Pauline Stanley.

The Client agrees to (a) Take all reasonable and proper care of the cottage(s) along with its fixtures and fittings and the facilities of the property. (b) Leave the cottage in the same clean and tidy condition as it was found on arrival. (c) Cottage (s) must be secured (windows closed, doors locked, lights off, log fires out) when the Client leaves the cottage (s) for any length of time.

We have a Wastewater Treatment Plant which is not designed to cope with sanitary towels, tampons, disposable nappies, incontinence pads, baby wipes, wet wipes, face wipes, cotton wool, cotton pads and condoms. Even products labeled as flushable will not breakdown in the time it takes to go through the plant and the build up will clog up the system and cause damage.

The Client is legally bound to reimburse The Beeches Farmhouse for any breakages or damages or additional cleaning costs. These may be charged to any credit/debit card that was used to pay for the cottage.

Smoking in the property or allowing smoke into the property is not permitted. The Client will be responsible for the cleaning or replacement of any soft furnishings or redecoration if smoking has occurred. These costs may be deducted from any credit/debit card used to pay for the cottage. Smoking is permitted away from open doors or windows in the private courtyards and patios and request that cigarette butts be disposed of properly and not left, or flicked, on to the ground.

Any cancellation made by a Client shall firstly be by telephone then by email which we will acknowledge. On receipt of the written cancellation, The Beeches Farmhouse will seek to re-let the cottage(s). If Beeches Farmhouse succeeds in re-letting the property for the whole period at the same rate then only the non-refundable deposit shall be retained.
If The Beeches Farmhouse only succeeds in re-letting the property for part of the period and/or at a reduced rate it shall refund an amount equal to the money paid for the replacement rental less the non-refundable deposit. If The Beeches Farmhouse is unable to re-let the property then all the monies paid by the Client shall be retained by The Beeches Farmhouse.

Should ensuite rooms be part of the booking then they will be treated as extra bedrooms for the cottage(s) and subject to the same cancellation terms.

Cancellation Insurance is not compulsory but The Beeches Farmhouse strongly recommends such insurance cover to protect against the cancellation penalty.

For guests, there are insurance policies that cover illness with covid and self-isolation and a lot of bank annual travel policies also cover this. We are not FCA authorised to recommend insurance companies but can suggest: Coverwise, Allianz Assistance, Trailfinders as examples but there are others. You can also look for suitable cover on comparison sites as 'Go Compare'.

In the event of The Beeches Farmhouse having to cancel a booking for any reason, its liability will be limited to all monies paid by the Client to The Beeches Farmhouse. In no event shall The Beeches Farmhouse be liable for any special, indirect, consequential, or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses incurred or suffered by the Client as a result of any such cancellation.

Although not a cancellation if Beeches Farmhouse cannot fulfil its contract due to a lockdown on the date of arrival then a full refund will be made.

The Beeches Farmhouse reserve the right to instruct the Client and members of the group to leave the premises within an hour should the Client or members of the group become a disturbance or inconvenience to other residents or not treating the property with respect. No refund will be given for a reservation terminated in this manner. The Client will be responsible for any discounts or refunds given to our other guests as a result of the disturbance caused. These will be deducted from any credit/debit used to pay for the booking.

The Beeches Farmhouse, its partners and employees, and representatives shall not be liable to the Client or third parties for loss or damage to persons or property however arising.

11. DOGS
Well behaved and friendly dogs are welcome in Cow Byres 1 and 2. Charges apply except for guide or hearing dogs.
The number of dogs should not exceed the number agreed.
In the interest of guest safety and following government legislation we are sorry we are unable to accept American Pit Bull Terriers and similar types of dog.
Dogs should be house trained and be at least six months old.
Flea and worming treatments must be up to date before arrival.
The Client should bring food and water bowls and bedding for your dog(s). They should not be permitted on the furniture or in the bedrooms or bathrooms.
Unless securely caged, dogs should not be left unattended in the cottages.
Dogs should not disturb other guests.
Due to free-ranging pets and other animals, dogs must be kept on a lead whilst on the property.
There is a tap outside of the barn opposite the ensuite rooms which can be used to wash dogs.
Any poops should be picked up and disposed of in the labeled white bins at the recycling centers.
Any damage caused by your dog should be reported as soon as practical. On arrival, Clients should check for damage and agree with Nigel or Pauline Stanley or it will be assumed that it was caused by yourselves.
The guest will be responsible for any damage and additional cleaning. This will be charged to the credit/debit card used to make the booking.
There are currently fields at the rear of the property where Clients can exercise their dogs.

12. CARS
Two vehicles per cottage and one per ensuite room are permitted and should be parked in the car park at the Client’s risk. The Beeches Farmhouse can take no responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle or any contents whilst they are on the property.

The Beeches Farmhouse reserves the right to amend prices quoted on websites due to errors or omissions within 24 hours of a booking being received.

An inventory is provided with each cottage. Any discrepancy with the inventory must be reported to Nigel and Pauline Stanley within 24 hours of arrival otherwise it will be assumed that the inventory is correct and the Client will be responsible for any items that are missing.

On arrival, it is the Clients responsibility to inspect the cottage(s) and grounds and note any possible hazards and take whichever action is necessary to prevent accidents.

On arrival, it is the Client's responsibility to check the layout of the property so you have a planned route to exit the cottage as early as possible in the event of an emergency. Ensure members of your group also know the exit route and to gather in the car park to be accounted for.

Nigel & Pauline Stanley and their employees shall be allowed the right of entry for purposes of inspection or to carry out any repairs or maintenance. Prior notice will be given whenever possible and privacy will be respected at all times.

Items will be retained until the end of the following month. If contacted, items can be returned for a flat fee of £10 plus postage and any packaging. The payment should be made in advance by credit/debit card.

The Beeches Farmhouse reserve the right to re-allocate your booking to another of our cottages if circumstances arise. If you specifically require a certain cottage this must be agreed before paying the deposit.

In the event of any discrepancies between these booking conditions and any other contents of any websites or printed material, these conditions shall prevail.

The Beeches Farmhouse regrets that we cannot accept liability in the event of ‘force majeure’. This means an event beyond our reasonable control which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid including, but not limited to strike, lock-out, labour dispute, an act of God, acts of terrorism, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with a law or governmental order, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, snow and storm, goods or transport and other circumstances affecting the supply of goods and services.


We reserve the right to amend these Ts & Cs.

From June 2023  - Added about STP.