Bradford On Avon Hotels & Cottages - The BEST Lettings The Countryside Has To Offer

Welcome to Bradford on Avon!

Whether you are planning a trip to Bradford on Avon or are already here, you made the RIGHT decision. There are several picturesque and historical sites here - ranging from the Saxon church of St. Laurence, the Tithe Barn, to the Cross Guns.

St Laurence Church

Lest we forget, the Shambles is a must-visit while you are in Bradford on Avon. Soak in the natural air and colourful feeling around the shopping alley.

So, what about accommodation? Can you get city-standard holiday lettings in Bradford on Avon?


Despite being a countryside, Bradford on Avon is home to several holiday rentals, self catering accommodations and holiday cottages. There are tons of choices to pick from - really!

Fortunately, you don't have to surf through hundreds of holiday letting. Already, we handpicked the best of the lot for you in this article.

Find our curated list below!

Fun fact: Bradford on Avon got its name by being centrally situated around the broad crossing point (ford) on river Avon.

Bradford on Avon Town Bridge

The BEST Holiday Rentals In Bradford On Avon - The Top 8

To make your choice easy, we divided this list  into 3 subcategories:

●      Holiday cottages

●      Self catering accommodations

●      High-end holiday lettings

Top Bradford On Avon Holiday Cottages

16 Mythern Meadow

Located on Wiltshire BA15, Bradford on Avon, this end of the terrace property is the perfect holiday cottage for a small group of friends.

If you and your friends play golf, you will love 16 Mythern Meadow. It is located just behind the world-class Bradford on Avon golf course.

The cottage will conveniently lodge 4 guests in its 2 double bedrooms. Yet, there is a sofa bed on request for an additional guest. But you might have to get approval from the management.

Overall, 16 Mythern Meadow is the right rental for a small group looking for moderately-priced accommodation.


●      Proximity to the town centre - the pubs and shops are less than a mile from 16 Mythern Meadow.

●      Affordability - at £424 per 7 nights (£60.57 per night), 16 Mythern Meadow is super affordable. When the prices are split, you might not even spend up to £20 per head for a night.


●      Guests are only permitted to bring one dog.

●      During cold seasons, the rooms can be chilly despite the heating facilities.

●      One bathroom is not enough for 4 guests.

●      The cottage is not suitable for families with children.

Stables Cottage

If you want a cottage in a secluded area to curl in and relax after all the sightseeing, there is none better than the Stables cottage.

The Stables cottage is a barn conversion located outside Bradford on Avon in Bowerhill near Melksham, Wiltshire SN12.

If you don't mind the distance, this cottage is perfect as a home away from home. It is PERFECT for families as it can accommodate 5 guests conveniently in 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Plus, you get to enjoy the views of the REAL countryside around acres of farmland. And there is a scenic view of the Kennet and Avon Canals.


●      Friendly host - welcomes and fixes complaints (if any) as soon you make them.

●      Spacious - you don't have to cramp your loads and cycling gear after each day's trip. More importantly, your pet and kids have enough space to roam. But supervise them!

●      Affordability - at £396 per 7 nights, Stables cottage is the cheapest holiday rental for families. You and yours can enjoy Bradford on Avon sights on a budget!


●      The owner's dog can be invasive, especially if you don't fancy pets. However, it is not dangerous.

●      The cottage is located outside Bradford on Avon.

Pheasant Cottage

Nestled in the countryside Priston Village in Bath, the Pheasant cottage is the perfect and peaceful getaway for couples on their sightseeing trip in Bradford on Avon.

It is a secluded, ground-floor glasshouse away from the city (6 miles away) where lovers can enjoy nature in a bit of luxury.

And since Pheasant cottage is in Bath, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the historical sites in the neighbouring locations.

At the end of the day, you and your lover can refuel in the state-of-the-art 1 bedroom cottage.


●      Affordable luxury - at £447 per 7 nights, the Pheasant cottage is relatively cheap for couples - considering the scenic area and modern facilities.

●      Privacy - Pheasant cottage is not just about scenic views. It helps you relax too. Whether you enjoy the evenings with your lover on the terrace BBQing or staying indoors, no one will disturb you.


●      You won't get hot water for 24 hours despite the heating facilities. However, the hosts are super helpful.

●      Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

●      Pheasant cottage is outside of Bradford on Avon. Also, it is far away from the city centre of Bath.

Top Bradford On Avon Self Catering Accommodations

Garden Studio

Garden Studio is one of the top 3 ground-floor, comfy, self catering accommodations for two in Bradford on Avon. It is scenic, modern, and private.

More importantly, Garden studio is well-positioned for tourists to enjoy the sights in Bradford on Avon.

Located between Kingston Ave and Avonfield Ave, you can enjoy the picturesque alley. Also, you can easily access the train station to move around the town.

While you reside in the Garden Studio, put the below locations at the top of your list as they are:

●      The Play park

●      Spencer Moulton Bowls club


●      Proximity - Garden Studio is somewhat centrally positioned. From there, the sights in Bradford on Avon are only a walking distance away.

●      Affordability - if you book early, you can enjoy the sights of the Garden studio cheaply. For specifics, you can get the accommodation for £288 per 4 nights.


●      While pets are allowed, you must get permission. Also, there are extra charges attached to it.

●      You must book early. Else, you won't be able to secure accommodation even if you can afford the inflated price.

●      The accommodation is undoubtedly modern and NICE. However, it is small.

Kemble Cottage

A bedroom accommodation will not suffice for get-together trips with friends. You need something more spacious and more inclusive!

In that case, you'll love Kemble cottage.

Located along Whitehill road, Kemble cottage is a 2 bedroom self catering accommodation. It can offer a bit of serenity away from the buzz in the town centre.

Even as a self-catering accommodation, this letting is nestled around top restaurants.

If you don't fancy restaurants, the kitchen is well-equipped. You and your friends will enjoy the best stay at Kemble cottage.

Here are some of the close sights to this self catering accommodation:

●      The church street

●      The University of Bath

●      The Bradford on Avon golf course


●      Positioning - while not situated in the centre of the town, Kemble cottage is still well placed. It is a few minutes' walk to the buzz of the two. At the same time, the serene and scenic view of the Avon Canal is not far off.

●      Comfort - Kemble cottage is warm - the atmosphere and even the hosts. Plus, it is spacious and can easily house 4 guests.


●      Kemple cottage might not be the best for families with young children. The stairs are sloppy, and that could be dangerous for kids.

●      At £140 per night, Kemple cottage is relatively expensive. However, if guests split the cost, the accommodation is still affordable - considering the facilities to be enjoyed.

The Apple Store

Unlike Kemble cottage and Garden studio, the Apple store offers something different: a scenic countryside experience. It can be the perfect romantic getaway from the busy city life while you're in Bradford on Avon.

Located in the picturesque village of Nettleton (outside Chippenham), the Apple store is a ground-floor, single-bedroom, self-catering accommodation with state-of-the-art facilities. The kitchen is well-equipped and the RIGHT place to try out the local recipes.

The kitchen aside, the patio of the Apple store is refreshing. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer evening.

While lodging in the Apple store, check out the Badminton Horse Trials venue - less than 4 miles away.


●      Affordability - at £329 per 7 nights, the Apple store is the most affordable self catering accommodation on our list. When you consider the facilities and serenity, that is a steal to enjoy your romantic getaway.

●      Year-round availability - you can access and book the Apple store anytime across the year. Availability aside, the accommodation is ideal for all weather conditions.


●      Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in the Apple store.

●      If you are bringing a baby, it must be within arm's length.

Top Bradford On Avon High-end Holiday Lettings


When coming with your extended family for sightseeing in Bradford on Avon, there is no better place to lodge than at the Farmhouse. This high-end holiday letting is beauty and luxury - one that you and your family deserve.

The Farmhouse, a barn conversion in the countryside of Cotswolds, can house 21 guests conveniently. The accommodation has 9 bedrooms which are named amusingly - each one is named after the popular arable crops in Cotswolds.

The bedrooms come in different designs. Some even open to picturesque gardens.

Whichever of them you pick, rest assured you will enjoy the company of family at the peak in a secluded area filled with nature's wonders.


●      Comfort - the Farmhouse is spacious, modern, and comfy for all. The rooms have separate spaces for all age groups. You'll never be stranded.

●      Pet friendliness - guests are not only permitted but in more numbers. The Farmhouse accepts up to 5 dogs per family.


●      At £1079-1898 per night, the Farmhouse is expensive. However, it is a luxury holiday letting. So, it'll be a worthy investment.

●      The Farmhouse is far from the town centre - about 2.6km away.

●      The accommodation is not located within Bradford on Avon.

Weavers Cottage, Flat Gardens

If you can't afford the Farmhouse, you can still get a luxury rental for a romantic and family getaway in Bradford on Avon. The Flat Gardens can offer you the experience you seek.

Formerly a row of weaver cottages, the Flat gardens has now been renovated into a specular holiday home. It is a single-bedroom luxury for couples.

Unlike all other single-bedroom lettings, this self catering accommodation permits couples to bring their baby. In fact, the hosts will even provide cots and toys for the kids.

Other perks include:

  • Free internet access
  • Free private parking
  • Enclosed patio


●      Affordable luxury - despite the gardens and facilities provided, this holiday rental is relatively cheap. You can enjoy all the Weavers cottage offerings for £149 per night.

●      Positioning - located along the hillside of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, Weaver cottage is close to several attractions. The Canal, Longleat, Stonehenge, St. Mary Tory, and Cotswolds are just a few minutes' walk away.


●      Pets are not allowed.

What Is The Best Bradford On Avon Hotel?

Unfortunately, there is "no one best" holiday rental. The listed picks are the best anywhere across Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.

Nevertheless, we'll have you narrow down your search to the category.

Best Holiday Rentals For Couples

The Apple store is the winner. It is situated in a scenic and beautiful village. Plus, it is affordable; lovers can enjoy their getaway without financial strain.

Best Self Catering Accommodation

The Kemple cottage is the winner here. While it has the same facilities as the other self catering accommodation in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, it is positioned in a central location. So, it is close to several sights in the town.

Best High-end holiday lettings

Without a doubt, the Farmhouse is the best high-end holiday rental on our list. It is pet friendly and situated in a great location.

Plus, the beautiful cottage is packed with modern facilities and offers inclusive services (e.g. free wifi) for families.

Verdict: Holiday Letting In The Bradford On Avon Wiltshire

Coming to Bradford on Avon for your holidays is one of the best decisions you can make. There are several sights to explore. Also, we have some of the most beautiful holiday lettings in the UK.

Come and see!