Top 10 Heritage Sites in Wiltshire

1. Stonehenge: A world-famous prehistoric monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring standing stones arranged in a circular pattern. Visit the website:

2. Avebury: A Neolithic henge monument and stone circle, located within a larger prehistoric landscape of barrows, avenues, and ditches. Visit the website:

3. Salisbury Cathedral: A magnificent medieval cathedral with a 123-meter spire and a stunning interior, including the world's oldest working clock and one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta. Visit the website:

4. Lacock Abbey: A beautifully preserved medieval abbey, converted into a country house in the 16th century, with stunning cloisters, a stable courtyard, and picturesque gardens. Visit the website:

5. Wilton House: A stunning 17th-century country house with elegant interiors, including a famous double cube room, and beautiful gardens designed by famous landscape architects. Visit the website:

6. Old Sarum: A historic hilltop site with evidence of human occupation dating back to the Neolithic period, including the remains of a medieval castle, a Norman cathedral, and a Roman fort. Visit the website:

7. Malmesbury Abbey: A 12th-century abbey with a rich history, including connections to the Anglo-Saxon king Athelstan and the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, and a beautiful interior with a unique hexagonal porch. Visit the website:

8. The Kennet and Avon Canal: A 19th-century canal linking the River Thames to the River Avon, featuring stunning countryside views, picturesque locks and bridges, and charming waterside towns and villages. Visit the website:

9. The Wiltshire Museum: A fascinating museum showcasing the archaeology, art, and history of Wiltshire, including collections of Stonehenge and Avebury artifacts, Roman mosaics, and Saxon jewelry. Visit the website:

10. West Kennet Long Barrow: A Neolithic tomb, dating back to 3650 BCE, featuring a 100-meter-long chamber with multiple burial chambers, and stunning views over the surrounding countryside. Visit the website: