Top 10 things to do in Bradford on Avon

In no particular order.........

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BOAB Tours

On Wednesdays and Saturdays take a 2+1/2 hr tour of Bradford on Avon with Maureen.

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Tithe Barn

A spectacular 14th century monastic stone barn, 51 metres long, with an amazing timber cruck roof.

Parking at Pound Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LF

Canal Wharf

A busy wharf with a popular cafe overlooking the locks

Parking at Baileys Barn, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1BX

Walk or Bike to Avoncliff Viaduct (and beyond) and Back

A pretty flat stroll either beside the Avon or canal with plenty of interest along the way. The Cross Guns is next to the viaduct overlooking the weir.

Parking at Station Car Park, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1DQ

Saxon Church

Early 11th c with the remains of a Saxon cross above the altar and angel carvings above chancel arch.

10, Church Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LW

Chapel of St Mary Tory

Originally founded as a hermitage with views of the town of the surrounding area

38, Tory, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1NN

Independent Shops

Lots of interesting shops in The Shambles, Lamb Yard, Weavers Walk, St. Margaret's Street, Market Street, Silver Street, Tithe Barn Workshops

The Iron Duke

Is a large calendering machine that rolled rubber sheets to a precise thickness on the site of the mill.

Kingston Road, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1AB

The Bradford on Avon Museum

Displays aspects of the natural and historical heritage of the town

Bridge Street Car Park, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1BY

The Bradford on Avon Town Bridge & Lock Up

With picturesque views up and down the River Avon. Overlooking St. Margaret's Gardens.

Iford Manor & Peto Garden

Italianate gardens designed by Harold Peto, who made Iford his home from 1899-1933. Characterised by terraces, pools, statuary cloisters and remarkable rural views, the garden is an archetype of its period and a historic design gem.

Bradford on Avon, BA15 2BA

Westwood Manor

This beautiful small manor house, built over three centuries, has late Gothic and Jacobean windows, decorative plasterwork and two important keyboard instruments.

There is some fine period furniture, seventeenth and eighteenth century tapestries and a modern topiary garden

Westwood, Bradford on Avon, BA15 2AF


If we have missed anywhere that you think deserves inclusion do let us know.